Construction & highway engineering


Royal Technergy develops and delivers infrastructure and industrial projects.

Because we are your reliable partner, we are poised to proffer unbeatable SOLUTIONS.
We believe that completing required tasks on time and within budget, we have become successful.

We deliver comprehensive civil works, including design, engineering and procurement, for the construction of infrastructure, plants, factories and auxiliary buildings as well as Oil and Gas installations.

Construction is an increasingly significant area of Royal Technergy’s operations. The Company’s many achievements in the sector in recent years have added flavour to its reputation.
Some of its completed projects include several kilometres of urban and rural roads and highways, as well as bridges and runways.
For road construction, we ensure that our roads have appropriate surfaces suitable for the targeted traffic with optimum grip, driving comfort and maximum excellent service life.

Whether working on highways, country urban roads, new construction or rehabilitation, airports surfacing, be it flexible or rigid pavement with asphalt or concrete structures, our highly qualified staff of local and expatriate professionals devote their outstanding technical know-how and construction experience.

Special emphasis is often given to sustainable and environmentally viable solution right from project conceptualization (turn-key), initial planning/design stage through construction to maintenance of the roads.

Royal Technergy has over the years, garnered extensive and intensive expertise in hydrotechnical development and construction.
The Company has accumulated vast experience in irrigation, land preservation, drainage, gully and flood control, borehole sinking, water supply and sewage disposal.
It brings its rich technical expertise to bear on the building of hydrotechnical structures, dams, weirs, reservoirs, elevated water tanks, main pipe lines and distribution networks, as well as drainage and sewage systems, treatment plants and pumping installations.

Royal Technergy undertakes the construction of buildings of all types – commercial, residential, industrial, schools, hospitals, hotels, offices, etc.
Some of the buildings can be turn-key projects, involving feasibility studies, preliminary and detailed design, construction, procurement (both locally and from overseas), equipment installation, etc.

Relevant products

Royal Gabion™

Gabion – High quality galfan and PVC coated double-twisted wire mesh baskets for erosion control and watershed engineering, coastal engineering and retaining walls. It is normally filled with rock grades, and it’s a supper eco-friendly solution.


Our Geotextile – Woven or non-woven is made using modern technology. It is used erosion control and to construct retaining structures, linear constructions, waste deposits, drainage systems, etc.


Geogrid made up of extruded polypropylene. It provides superior stiffness, structural reinforcement, aperture stability and interlock capabilities. It reduces lateral spreading of the base course thereby increasing the structural performance. It helps in reducing the aggregate thickness.

We are your reliable partner.