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Because we are your reliable partner, we are poised to proffer unbeatable SOLUTIONS.
At Royal Technergy we believe that completing required tasks on time and within budget, we have become successful.

We are your expert design partner.

Royal Technergy believes that the success of a project begins from the design stage. Our installations are professionally done, and you can always seek our technical support

We design for both small and mega projects, including turnkey projects. Our experts are meticulous in putting into details a project dynamics cum determining factors. The conceptualization is detailed and the details taken into cognizance throughout the design stage, and they are painstakingly ensured to characterize project development. We design, develop and build varieties of projects. Our designs pass through powerful modeling and simulation process, through which elite solutions are evaluated, and best solution(s) tailored and engineered in juxtaposition to the project(s).

We have robust design software for Geotechnical engineering, Erosion control and Geosolutions, Structures and construction, etc.

We offer a design service to make sure your projects work. We design to BS 8002 Retaining Wall Design. BS 5628 Masonry Design and BS 8110 Structural Concrete Design.

The process to a design approach is as follows:

Work out the project scope – What is the project designed for and what are the load cases.

Determine the soil conditions – We need to understand the geotechnical conditions of materials that are associated with the project site. What is bearing capacity of the soil?

Check for sliding – We will design solutions and ensure that the solutions work. The first check is to make sure the earth does not slide, cave in or collapse.

Check overturning – The second check is to make sure that there is no room for overturn.

Check bearing capacity – We check if the ground bearing capacity can take the loads from the structure(s).

Complete structural design – Once all the checks are made we then complete the structural design making sure the correct types and amount of materials are specified.

We are your reliable partner.