Erosion control & watershed engineering


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At Royal Technergy we believe that completing required tasks on time and within budget, we have become successful.

For us erosion control works have no season, since we have replaced majority of ancient and concrete methods with better, eco-friendly and geo solutions.

Generally, Erosion occurs when run-off is channeled, naturally or artificially, across unprotected land and washes away the soil along the drainage lines. Under natural conditions, run-off is moderated by vegetation which generally holds the soil together, protecting it from direct excessive run-off and direct rainfall. Uncontrolled run-off, over time, causes critical case of erosion called Gully.

A gully may grow in length by means of headward (i.e. upstream) erosion at a knickpoint. This erosion can result from interflows as well as surface run-off.

Erosion control is dynamic and pragmatic, not theoretical. If the correct solution is not provided and applied failure and huge loss are bound to happen.

With all that in mind, Royal Technergy from its wealth of experience provides:

Tailored design, modification and adaptation

Geosolutions engineering

Construction and remedial works, such as retaining walls, embankment apron, flexible structures, check dams, gabion detention pond, soil reinforcement, slope stabilization, channel lining, gully alignment and realignment, etc.

Consultancy and technical support

Erosion Control Royal Turbo™ training – for regional erosion control.

We employ green technology in all our erosion solutions, consequent of ecocompatibility prime consideration. Our R & D team includes of personnel that are highly experienced and dynamic. With us you are assured of project delivery on time and within budget.


Royal Technergy is synonymous with green technology in erosion control.

We are your erosion solutions provider.