Foundation & piling engineering


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At Royal Technergy we believe that completing required tasks on time and within budget, we have become successful.

For us, foundation construction are always handled with top sensitivity and pragmatism from design stage, to totally eliminate failure.

Royal Technergy ensures high degree of technical synergy between our client, structural engineers, construction engineers and architects in matters of foundation. In fact, because of its sensitivity we have a standing foundation engineering team, which we refer to as Royal F-eng™.

Foundation can be shallow or deep.

Royal Technergy designs and develops:

Spread or isolated foundations

Strip footing foundations:- Combined footing – Rectangular footing, Trapezoidal footing and Strap footing foundations.

Matt or Raft foundations

Pile foundation

Drilled shafts or Caissons

If a bedrock or rocklike material is present at a site within a reasonable depth, piles can be extended to the rock surface. In this case, the ultimate bearing capacity of the pile depends entirely on the underlying material; thus the piles are called end or point bearing piles. In most of these cases the necessary length of the pile can be fairly well established.

Instead of bedrock, if a fairly compact and hard stratum of soil is encountered at a reasonable depth, piles can be extended a few meters into the hard stratum.

In bored or replacement piles they require a hole to be first bored into which the pile is then formed usually of reinforced concrete. The shaft (bore) may be cased or uncased depending upon type of soil.

We are your reliable partner.