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Discover How to Engineer & Replace Expensive Rock Lining With Engineered Geosynthetics

Royal Geotechnics™ is applied when planning infrastructure such as roads and tunnels as well as buildings and other constructions onshore and offshore. The task also involves performing numerical calculations, analyzing the stability of slopes and cliffs, and assessing load-bearing capacity, settlement and deformation in man-made structures.

Geotechnical Investigation is required to be  carried out to access the soil conditions and design parameters for the anchor points when designing and constructing Buoy Systems, such as SPM – (Single Point Mooring). Such investigations are indispensable owing to the fact that the seabed is characterized mainly by very soft unconsolidated sediments (clayey silt) which extend to the terminal depths in all the core locations of operations. Sediments are consistent with typical coastal deposits in the Niger Delta areas.

The Royal System™ is used on geotechnical structures such as earth retaining structures, tunnels, shoring systems used in deep foundation construction, reinforced earth structures, etc. Geotechnical structures require monitoring since these structures tend to move more than other structures such as bridges or buildings.  Geotechnical structures hold up vast loads such as water, saturated earth and rock.  Collapse of these structures is typically very quick and dramatic. Long term monitoring of geotechnical structures can provide a history on the strain and movement of geotechnical structures and can provide an early warning of potential failure. Royal System™ gives extremely reliable geotechnical solutions for diverse geotechnical engineering challenges.

Engineered Earth Armouring Solutions: An Alternative to Rock Riprap

Engineers are tasked to provide solutions for infrastructure challenges in the most efficient manner possible. One must balance standard practice with innovation to constantly improve effectiveness and efficiency. Rock riprap is an accepted traditional solution for erosion control and surficial slope stabilization, but there are other highly better alternatives at our disposal, such as EEM solutions.


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