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Tank cleaning and Waste management

Pipe line, valves and flanges installations and maintenance

Oil Spill Response - Oil spill cleanup, remediation & rehabilitation

Emergency response

Oil pollution control materials and equipment procurement & supply

Oilfield manpower supply - Onshore & Offshore

Tank Cleaning & Waste Management

Tank cleaning solutions

We are committed to providing a ‘one-stop-shop’ integrated waste management service to the Oil and Gas industry to assist them in meeting the strict demands of the local / international regulatory bodies, as well as complying with the internal values and operating standards of their international parent organizations

Furthermore responsible tank cleaning requires a total evaluation of how, when and what to clean in a way that protects workers, maximises output and optimises environmental considerations.

With energy costs being a major factor in businesses and also our daily lives and with alternative renewable fuels and energy sources becoming more available every provider is taking a fresh look at how their tanks are utilised in the respective processes.

And that is why we have kept on advancing our systems to meet up with future tank cleaning challenges.


  • Royal Technergy provides mobile automatic tank cleaning unit for offshore rigs as well as semi-automatic impact tank cleaning system for supply boats and production storage tanks, both of which operate with limited confined space entries.
  • Gas testing is done to determine the oxygen, carbon-dioxide levels, sulphur and other chemical contents inside tanks.
  • Gas expulsion is also done throughout the operation using air compressor/ blowers.
  • Fluid / vacuum pumping is carried out to ensure total removal of waste without handling or exposure by personnel and physical entry into the tanks.
  • Pressure washing is also done using high-pressure water jet.
  • Tank wiping is carried out only if the tank is satisfied Okay for entry, this can only be allowed when personnel have the necessary Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA).

Pipeline, Valves & Flanges

Pipeline Solution

Royal Technergy provides integrity installation, maintenance of oil and gas pipelines, full range of repair and modification services that can be applied to offshore or onshore pipelines. Our services respond to every world standards and client’s needs. Repair and maintenance services can be done fast responding to every health and environmental requirements. Repair and maintenance services can be wise approach even in case of some pipeline emergency and also like an elaborated solution to any specific client’s demands. Using our services it is possible not only to prolong pipeline’s lifetime and significantly reduce repair time without stoppage of pipeline operation that is inevitably important for client’s convenience but also to increase pipeline functionality taking into account everyday growing of oil & gas pipeline grid

Oil Spill & Emergency Response

Oil Spill Response

Oil pollution is a common phenomenon and a global challenge, particularly in Nigeria. The oil industry is still under evolution; oil spill has threatened and destroyed to a large extent our ecosystem. Royal Technergy has over the years set up Oil Spill Response unit, Royal OSR™ to provide solutions that will always march the oil pollution:

  • Oil Spill – Containment (booming) & Cleanup
  • Oil Spill Remediation and Rehabilitation
  • Bioremediation, Bio-augumentation
  • Remadiation by Enhanced Natural Attenuation
  • Oil Spill Emergency Response
  • Procurement of Oil Pollution Equipment & Materials
  • Manpower supply, etc

Soil and Groundwater Remediation
Royal Technergy’s Site Assessment and Remediation team will utilize comprehensive vertical and horizontal assessment data and hydro-geologic parameters to design site specific cleanup plans for your site. Whether the goal is Interim Remedial Action or Source Removal, active remediation, or long-term, passive remediation in the form of Natural Attenuation Monitoring, we will choose the most cost-effective cleanup method and facilitate regulatory agency oversight and approval of the project from commencement to completion of a Site Rehabilitation Completion Order or No Further Action Status.

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