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The best way to experience apt engineering and environmental solutions is to involve Royal Technergy. It is an experience that will inevitably change the way you think, because we will change the way things are done for better results.

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Top quality Galfan + PVC Gabion.

Common sizes in stock:



 Top quality Galfan + PVC Reno Mattress.

Common sizes in stock:



100% polypropylene (PP) Geotextile filtre.

Woven & Non-woven

Common size:


HDPE lightweight Geocell system.

S38/50: 3.5×6.63m

S38/100: 3.5×6.63m


Monolithic HDPE Geogrid.

Chemical resistant.

SB50: 3.9×30.8m

SB30: 3.9×51.3m

High quality HDPE liner Geomembrane.

ASTM 100% waterproof.

Puncture resistant.

Stress crack resistant

3D geocomposite drainage system.

Lightweight Hydrocell.

High stress strength


 High quality HDPE pipes.

Subsurface drainage

Runoff management

150mm to 600mm

TRM reinforcement & trap mat

100% Synthetic & UV-S.

100% Non-degradable.

100% Ecocompatible


 Modular tank system for point source water.

Lightweight composite.

Stormwater channeling.

Geopipes complements


Geotechnical wireless monitoring system.

Operational Intelligence.

Evolution of structures.

Realtime insight enabled

Data-informed decision

Rings & fasteners Gabion accessories.

Pneumatic lacing tool.

Galfan coated rings.

Gabion installation



We are your reliable partner.